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Opportunities for small and medium-sized service providers in the environmental sector in China

This project examines the opportunities and risks of exporting environment-related services in the waste water sector to China. In a multi-stage empirical process, which is based on interviews with institutions concerned with the promotion of exports as well as trade associations and small and medium-sized companies, the export potentials of the service providers operating in this sector are to be investigated.



The objective is to identify typical obstacles to successful service exports, as well as foundation strategies, in this sector of the Chinese market. General conditions as well as technological and organisational options and their implementation on site are to be investigated, and the consequences for cooperation, the embedding of knowledge and intercultural learning are to be determined. This can, on the one hand, give indications of the role models and technological capacities of the Chinese environmental sector, and on the other hand work out possible solutions for successful technology and science transfer for the benefit of both parties.