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Pilot project "Integrated product policy" in Baden-Württemberg/Germany at the example of textiles in Baden-Württemberg am Beispiel von Textilien

Discussions on an Integrated Product Policy (IPP) are sometimes very abstract and vague. Comprehensive concretisations with regard to objectives, implementation, roles and tasks of stakeholders etc. are missing. Objectives of our research are: Supporting knowledge and acceptance of IPP, Testing of the concept of IPP at a concrete example, Finding of general knowledge.The project carries out a pilot project in which two companies of the textile chain particiapte; both companies are situated at different places of this chain. It intends to check chances and restrictions of an implementation of an IPP.The case-study will elaborate generalised hints with regard to appropriateness of IPP-instruments, the role of information/communication along the life-cycle and organisation of processes of a discussion on IPP. These will be documented in a final review of findings and presented to stakeholders and other interested institutions.

IÖW Project Team