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Potentials and application perspectives for bionics. Proximity to nature as an opportunity and as a risk

The main focus of the approach pursued here consists in a systematisation of the approaches and fields of bionics (in particular against the background of the current dynamic differentiation between bionic approaches). Particular attention will be paid to new technological options in the fields of molecular biology and nanotechnology and to the significance of bionics in these fields. In this connection, a closer examination is recommended of the (usually rather naive) scientific and epistemological foundations of various bionic approaches and of the views of nature they are based on. Finally it is important to work out a criteria pattern for evaluating various bionic approaches and to apply these to some fields as examples (the main emphasis here is placed on environmental effects (improvements) and potential risks and/or risk minimisation).

IÖW Project Team

  • Dr. Eugen Pissarskoi