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preagro - sub-project "Sustainability Communication along the Agro-Food Chain – Actors and Information Platforms" Preagro - Teilprojekt

Precision farming is mostly dealt with from technical and on-farm perspectives. The integrated project pre agro complements the analysis by the perspective of the value added food chain: food processing industry, retailers and consumers. Sub-project 2 (“Sustainability Communication along the Agro-Food Chain – Actors and Information Platforms”) analyses communication and participation processes between farmers, food industry, retailers and consumers. Focus groups and product panel sessions are used to investigate current practices and discuss priorities concerning the key criteria in which precision farming could make the difference: food safety, transparency and sustainability (economic, ecological and social sus-tainability). The results are shared within the project and used to optimise the development of the new technology (machinery, software and data processing) with respect to the demands of consumers and the actors of the agro-food chain.

IÖW Project Team