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Resilient Design of the Energy System Exemplified by Options of Transformation in the EE-Methane-System and Regional Self-Suffciency (RESYSTRA)

The German „Energiewende“ is understood as a project of societal transformation with the goal to create a resilient energy system. Due to path-dependency, such transformation cannot be achieved by public regulation only, but needs to be complemented by (civil)society initiatives. The “Energiewende” is regarded as a restructuring of the socio-technical systems of energy production and use und perceived as a task of systemic innovation combining multiple push- and pull factors.

The result of this study will provide an understanding for the success factors of target-oriented transformation processes with a special focus on pull factors such as social demand, vision statements and scenarios. The exemplified analysis (sustainability and risk analysis, vision) of the EE-methane system as well as the regional sufficiency will serve to develop guiding principles and recommendations, which can be extrapolated to other parts of the energy system and can therefore map the way to a resilient energy system.

IÖW Project Team