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Stakeholder Dialogues: Adaptation to Climate Change

The adaptation of society, the economy and the environment to the inevitable consequences of climate change gets increasingly important. For this process key stakeholders in economy and society need to be sensitised for the issue of adaptation. Information about the potential impacts of climate change and appropriate adaptation measures must be provided; Dialogue and networking between stakeholders have to be promoted.

The project continues the successful series of stakeholder dialogues  carried out by the IÖW since 2009 together with the UBA. Nine stakeholder dialogues as well as three national conferences will be conducted. These events are offered to stakeholders from economy, politics, public administration, research and NGOs. Short scientific reports provide backround information for each dialogue topic. Besides the workshops will be documented in detail.

In addition to the organisation of the Stakeholder-Dialogues, existing dialogue processes in Germany and Europe will be analysed and a concept study for regional dialogues in the Baltic region will be prepared.

IÖW Project Team