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Sustainable bioeconomy in Brandenburg – Examples of climate-friendly and environmentally friendly regional value chains

In April 2014, the Federal State Government of Brandenburg passed its Sustainability Strategy. One of the 16 fields of action focus on the management of „natural resources as the economic potential of a sustainable regional development“. This corresponds to the goals that the State Government wants to develop a model region for a knowledge-based bioeconomy and to advance the bio-refinery technology, together with the Federal State Berlin. Thereby, the natural resources in Brandenburg should be used for humans and the environment in a sustainable manner and if possible in cascades. At the same time, the State Government wants to develop its regional value chains and access additional value chain potentials.

Overall aim of the project of the Ministry of Rural Development, Environment and Agriculture of Brandenburg is the development of a definition as well as set of ecological, economic and social criteria as guidelines for a sustainable bioeconomy in Brandenburg. This frame is also the basis for the collection, presentation and criteria-based classification of a range of value chains, which can be representative for a sustainable bioeconomy in Brandenburg. The development of the definition and criteria-set as well as the collection of exemplary value chains will take place via a cross-departmental process. Involved in this process are the relevant ministries and stakeholders from subordinate authorities as well as institutions, associations and initiatives from business and civil society. The same applies for companies and research institutions active in the field of bioeconomy in Brandenburg. At the end of the project, the results of the project will be published in the form of a brochure.

IÖW Project Team