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The Sustainability of DG SANCO policies – New Consumption and Production Patterns

The main objective of this project was to conduct a process of policy reflection through a professionally facilitated series of three workshops, including a fundamental pre- and after-workshop phase. In doing so the proposed project aims supported DG SANCO (Directorate General for Health and Consumers) in the process of integrating Sustainable Development into its policies through the following steps:

  • Preparation of three workshops on the following topics
    • Workshop on "Climate Change Consequences for SANCO Policies"
    • Workshop on "The Dilemma of the Sustainable Consumer"
    • Workshop on "Food: From Sustainable Production to Sustainable Consumption"
  • Drafting of background papers for the three identified workshops
  • Invitation of experts on the corresponding topics
  • Drafting synthesis reports of each workshop with relevant recommendations

IÖW Project Team

  • Dr. Gerd Scholl