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Environmental labels and certificates as orientation aids for public procurement Update and revision of the chapter “Environmental labels and certificates” as part of the FNR publication project “Certification marks compact – Orientation aids for sustainable purchasing”

In this project, the IÖW is creating an overview of relevant environmental labels and certificates in the field of renewable raw materials in order to provide municipalities and other stakeholders with an orientation aid for public purchasing. In addition to a general classification of the topic, an extensive tabular list of the relevant environmental labels and certificates for almost 20 product groups is compiled: from building materials to paper products to heat and electricity. In each case, the central requirements of the environmental labels and certificates are briefly explained. Furthermore, guidelines and tender recommendations for public procurement are referenced for each product group. In the course of this work, the chapter on environmental labels and certificates published in 2013 in the special issue “Renewable raw materials in municipalities” will be updated and revised.