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Utilization of the current debates on social welfare for the environmental justice and conclusions for the political and societal transformation. Concepts of social welfare and environmental justice

Subject of the project are the proposals on the transformation of society in the perspective of sustainable, future-oriented development that are currently discussed in wide areas of the interested public as well as in various scientific disciplines increasingly. The knowledge leading interest of the project is the question of how concepts of environmental justice may be placed in line with the new welfare concepts, which are required for such a social transformation.


In this project first transformation paths should be worked out on the basis of the main focuses "Welfare", "Justice", and "Governance" to social-ecological lifestyles and structures. These priorities are combined in a "transformation roadmap" and are used to serve as the basis of a then planned dialog series. 


Within the scope of this project the aim is to analyze within the professional dialog, what defines the quality of life of the green society and whether welfare gains can be distinguished compared to the traditional lifestyles.

IÖW Project Team