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Citizens Produce Energy Themselves and Benefit from It

"The most efficient solution is to consume energy where it is produced: on the local supply level." This statement does not come from grassroots activists from the renewable and environment scene, but from the renowned technology association VDE, which did not necessarily belong to the pioneers of a decentralized energy transition in earlier years. Thus, the VDE becomes the principal witness of private and commercial energy producing consumers – prosumers - to whom this motto is motivation and an important cultural component of the energy transition alike. Still, well-established energy suppliers and their associations perceive prosumers as competitors to be combatted – some progressive EVU, however, already bind these customers by supplying them with residual current, by selling them solar panels and by offering storage technologies. They do this, also, wisely anticipating that it relieves the pressure on the grids – because this is the actual reason underlying the finding of the VDE: that with the prosumer approach the extension of the grid can be limited and the ideal perception of the German energy grid as an always conductive “copperplate” can be de-fused, which will not be realizable in the foreseeable future anyways.