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A role model for a solidarity-based economy

Hacke & Hobel is a non-hierarchical crafts enterprise in Berlin that stands for a solidarity-based economy. All employees are paid standard wages for their work and construction projects are paid according to solidarity standards. Approximately half of the orders are carried out at market prices, the other half at lower prices. In this way, solidarity-based spaces and ways of living are to be supported and to be protected from the real estate market. Major decisions are jointly discussed in a plenary. Although the company is a registered cooperative, it tries to work largely without hierarchy. In addition, Hacke & Hobel uses sustainable building materials and infrastructure whenever possible and tries to act ecologically in other ways as well, including avoiding unnecessary car trips and using an electric wheel loader instead of a diesel model. The company is also committed to transforming the craft sector beyond its own structures: In its trade association, the company addresses environmentally harmful materials, the use of environmentally friendly machines and social issues, and calls for new funding programs for sustainable construction machinery at the political level.