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Arbeit und Mobilität - zukünftige Handlungsoptionen in Nordrhein-Westfalen Die Zukunft der Arbeit als Ausgangspunkt für Veränderungen in der Mobilitätsnachfrage und der Mobilitätsorganisation

Work and Mobility – future options for action in North Rhine Westphalia Due to structural changes in the economy and the trend to more flexibility in the field of labour traditional relations resolve with serious repercussions on traffic and mobility. Therefore traditional planning procedures and transport policies must become subject to a critical review. New solutions have to be devised. The main aspect of this study is the investigation of the transition to flexibile working hours and flexible forms of work resulting in a different pattern of mobility demand and organisation. The central dimensions are change of content of work, change of physical premises and change of working times. Recommendations for mobility and transport policy but also labour market and regional policies in North Rhine Westphalia are developed. These options contribute to new opportunities of employment in the sphere of transport and mobility as well as support mastering and containing of a potential traffic growth for the sake of the environment.

Arbeit und Mobilität - zukünftige Handlungsoptionen in Nordrhein-Westfalen