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Assessment of the Effects of Selected Climate Policy Measures by the Cities of Frankfurt/Main and Munich.

The publication examines the topic of climate protection and private households. It focuses on selected climate policy measures by the cities of Frankfurt/Main and Munich in the fields of building/housing and mobility.

After presenting the background of this study, an overview of the methodology is given. Hereby the scope of the analysis, the structuring of measures, the data collection as well as the data analysis is addressed. In the following two chapters, selected measures and instruments by the two cities are examined. In doing so, the respective background, aims, statuses and experiences are presented. Moreover, recommendations are given. Finally, the measures are assessed and summarized briefly. Based on this analysis, empirical insights are developed taking central aspects that promote or hamper the measures into account. Lastly, the results are generalized. Pivotal recommendations are given for a strengthening of climate change protection measures concerning daily practices by municipalities.