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Berlin Paris-konform machen Wie Berlin so schnell wie möglich klimaneutral werden kann

Since the adoption of the Paris Agreement of 2015, it has been clear, that limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius is not enough and that sources and sinks of greenhouse gases must be brought into balance as quickly as possible. Therefore, the feasibility study "Climate-Neutral Berlin 2050" from 2014 is now being updated by the study "Making Berlin Paris-compliant". In this study, sector-specific scenarios were used to consider when Berlin could become climate neutral according to the changed international requirements. So far, the city is not heading towards climate neutrality in the near future. Thus, the study focuses on limiting factors that stand in the way of this path. The article summarises important findings and measures from the study and elaborates how the study shows, that Berlin's goal of climate neutrality can be only achieved in the 2040s with very great efforts, especially through changes in climate governance.

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