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Beyond direct stakeholders: The extensive scope of Societal Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR)

This paper delves into the concept of Societal Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR), expanding the traditional focus of CDR from direct stakeholders to a broader societal perspective. Societal CDR is defined as the responsibility of companies to develop their digital business strategies considering the impacts on societal stakeholders and institutions. This novel approach emphasizes the indirect, yet significant effects of digital technologies on various societal domains such as economic, social, and political spheres. It underscores the importance of addressing passive stakeholder groups and societal institutions that do not have a direct relationship with businesses but are nevertheless impacted by digitalization. 

The paper discusses challenges in managing Societal CDR, such as measuring societal impact and influencing indirect stakeholders. It also explores the roles and responsibilities of businesses in fostering a thriving digital society by examining the vitality factors across economic, social, and political domains. The paper concludes with practical recommendations for businesses to integrate Societal CDR into their strategies, highlighting the importance of inclusivity, ethical practices, and transparency in the digital era.

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