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Climate protection in financially weak municipalities: Added value for households and the environment A guide for municipalities

In local authorities, climate protection contributes to CO2 reductions and thus to achieving the binding Paris climate targets. At the same time, climate protection activities can relieve the municipal budget in the long term, trigger local value-added and employment effects and improve the quality of life in the community. In most cases, however, climate-friendly measures are considered costly. How can financially weak municipalities in particular implement sustainable projects when money and resources are scarce? How do they overcome budgetary challenges?

This brochure is aimed at representatives of financially weak municipalities. It presents the project results along the most important issues: Why and in which areas is climate protection worthwhile on site? What should financially weak municipalities in particular consider when making investments? To what extent can alternative financing options support you in implementing climate protection projects? How can you increase regional value creation through climate protection? In answering these questions, the framework conditions of financially weak local authorities will be examined, various approaches by local actors will be presented and a wide range of possible solutions for inspiration and imitation in the future field of climate protection will be shown.

In addition to the brochure, five information sheets present selected climate protection measures in more detail (Download brochures in zip-file, German language).