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Corporate Digital Responsibility How companies take responsibility in the digital transformation

Ranging from data protection and ethical issues of artificial intelligence to the climate impact of digital infrastructures: the use of digital technologies places new demands on the social responsibility of companies. The concept of corporate social responsibility is undergoing an upgrade: it is being expanded to include corporate digital responsibility (CDR).

In this study, the Institute for Ecological Economy Research presents a scientifically based CDR concept with all essential fields of action for corporate digital responsibility and points out: Not only internet start-ups or tech corporations should develop a CDR strategy, but companies from all sectors. In addition to those companies that actively drive digital transformation themselves, it is equally relevant for all others that use digital tools and technologies in their business processes.

The study provides companies with a concept on how they can shape their digitalisation in line with sustainable development. It enables companies to look beyond their own horizons by systematically presenting how more than 60 major German companies understand and deal with CDR issues in their sustainability reporting. The study helps stakeholders from politics and civil society to better recognise which topics companies are already active in and where there are still gaps.