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Decision Contexts for Energetic Modernization Results of the Project Perspectives for Citizen Participation in the Energy Transition, Taking into Consideration Distribution Issues

The energetic modernization of buildings in Germany is one of the most urgent challenges for succeeding in the energy transition (Energiewende) and the compliance of climate goals. There was too little progress during the last years, so that energy consumption for heating did not only remain stable but even increased.
This discussion paper wants to complement the mostly economic and technology related argumentation for and against energetic modernization with the perspectives of the private owners, who act out of several different motives.
In order to develop suitable policy measures to reach the target group, all these motives need to be considered. Especially private owners need support in planning, financing and implementing measures. Hence, there is a need for support on a local level in combination with suitable financing conditions. Moreover, potential triggers for energetic modernization need to be addressed in an optimal manner. Especially regarding the transfer of ownership there are unused potentials. The discussion paper shows how to reach important groups when it comes to modernization. In general it needs more activities on all scales to raise the rates of energetic modernization and hence to comply with the national and international climate goals.