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Determination of Value-Added and Employment Effects in Three Selected Bioenergy Region

The IÖW publication presents the main results and methodological approach of the research project "Determination of Value-Added and Employment Effects in Three Selected Bioenergy Regions". As part of the accompanying research of the funding measure "Bioenergy Regions", the IÖW quantified the value-added and employment directly generated through the use of bioenergy in the three bioenergy regions Lake Constance, Central Hesse and Mecklenburg Lake District for the years 2009, 2012 and 2015. IÖW used its WeBEE model, which depicts all value-added steps from the production to the operation and the dismantling of a plant. For the year 2012, the IÖW determined regional value-added effects from bioenergy of five to 15 million euros per region. In addition, the use of bioenergy was linked with employment effects ranging from 80 to 200 full-time jobs per region. The publication presents not only direct, but also indirect added-value and employment effects, which were determined within the project. These effects arise through the purchase of inputs i.e. goods and services in upstream value-added stages. In addition, the authors outline an estimate of the net employment effects through the use of bioenergy. For this purpose, the IÖW has assessed the extent to which bioenergy related activities substitute jobs in fossil and other non-biogenic energy production for the first time in its projects.

Besides these bare figures in euros and jobs, the publication also shows how changes in the political and legal framework as well as regional value-added strategies and success factors affect local bioenergy activities.