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Three years of Distribute – the evaluation level

Over a period of three years, the Distribute project put to test the potential uses of electric cargo bikes in two inner-city neighborhoods in Berlin, the Klausenerplatz-neighborhood and the Mierendorff-island. The goal is, to replace car and delivery truck transports by electric cargo bikes and thus relieve traffic in the neighborhoods. The project was carried out by numerous partners from science, the local authority as well as business and tested both, cargo bike rentals and cargo bike deliveries on the last mile in a real lab. Stakeholders from the neighborhoods were asked to contribute their ideas and experiences from the beginning on and to develop in co-creation formats optimized usage options for cargo bikes. This article is dedicated to the evaluation of the project. First, the changes in the mobility behavior of the users and the resulting environmental impacts were analyzed. In addition, the experiences made by the project and practice partners with the cargo bike delivery service, the lending service and the design thinking method in the two participating neighborhoods, as well as the experiences of the users of the cargo bikes, were evaluated through an internal project review. On this basis, factors were derived that lead to a successful perception among potential users, what can be central for transfers elsewhere.