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Engagement and potential of companies in designing urban green spaces

The increasing pressure on urban spaces and climatic changes such as heavy rain and heat events lead to high demands on the design of green infrastructure in a growing city. A successful strategy to maintain and improve urban green spaces requires the involvement of all groups of stakeholders in a city. With site-specific green measures, companies can make a direct contribution to climate adaptation and improve the quality of life in the neighborhood. In addition, companies can promote the creation of green spaces throughout the city. 

Entrepreneurial engagement to valuable urban green spaces works particularly well in cooperation with experts. The factsheet "Commitment and potential of companies in designing urban green spaces" shows opportunities for cooperation from which both urban green spaces and companies can benefit through an increased quality of the location. It presents best-practice examples and planning tools for companies that facilitate the own development of urban green spaces. The target group of the factsheet are planners, tradespeople as well as representatives of civil society and municipalities.

Further brochures, factsheets and other publications and products of the "Green City of the Future" project can be found on the website of the Technical University of Munich here.

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