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Development of a battery concept Book article from the Distribute project on green local supply chains via e-bike fleet in the city of tomorrow

This paper presents different charging and usage concepts for the operation of an electric cargo bike fleet. The aim is, to enable the optimal use of the batteries in order to meet user-oriented needs on the one hand and, on the other hand, to take technical criteria for a long lifetime and a high number of cycles of the batteries into account. The analysis also addresses the coverage of the electricity demand and in this context also considers the coupling of a charging station with a photovoltaic system. Within this study the focus rests on the rental to private individuals. Nevertheless, the results are mostly also transferable to the use of an electric cargo bike fleet in the logistics sector. In addition to the consideration of the Distribute usage concept, for which measurement data from the project’s initiated rental was used, other promising usage concepts from the literature research are analyzed, in order to make a statement about a selection of usage and charging concepts that is as heterogeneous as possible.