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External Effects and Costs of Agriculture and the Food Sector in Germany

With a solution-oriented approach Nutrition Ecology in-vestigates the handling of complexity in the field of nutri-tion. This implicates the dimensions health, environment, society and economy along the chain of custody as well as their interaction to develop integrated approaches to solving problems. The book gives an introduction to the concept of Nutrition Ecology. It shows how much knowledge can be gained and which potential for solving problems can be generated understanding the questions of nutrition as complex multidimensional phenomena.

Jesko Hirschfeld analyzes with his contribution the external effects of agriculture and the food sector in Germany  and presents a calculation of the monetary costs for water pollution and climatic effects that are caused by current agricultural practices. Along the entire production chain from farm to fork significant external costs do occur. To date these costs are only to a limited extend borne by the producers, but predominantly covered by society.

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