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Collective financing of green and livable neighborhoods

Green infrastructure in the city provides many services that are essential in livable neighborhoods. It contributes to climate change adaptation and biodiversity conservation. Also, it improves the quality of life and health of the urban population. Greening activities can be financed through the public sector. However, financing options outside administration are becoming increasingly important.

The factsheet “Collective financing of green and livable neighborhoods" provides information on diverse financing options that enable green activities in a growing city in times of climate change - from establishing a 'Housing Improving District' to initiating a 'crowdfunding' campaign. It presents best-practice examples, gives advice on overcoming barriers to have greener buildings, and also provides a checklist with points to be considered in implementing collective financing activities. In addition, it emphasizes the importance of maintaining and improving green infrastructure as a community effort. The target group of the factsheet are planners, tradespeople, as well as representatives of civil society and municipalities.

Further brochures, factsheets and other publications and products of the "Green City of the Future" project can be found on the website of the Technical University of Munich here.

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