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Green in the growing city Perspectives and activation of urban society

In growing cities that are heating up significantly as a result of climate change, urban green becomes more and more important. On the one hand, it ensures the quality of life in increasingly dense neighborhoods, on the other hand, urban green helps people to deal with increasing heat and is therefore an essential part of climate-resilient neighborhoods in a growing city.

The brochure shows the diverse benefits that urban green provides for the city population in terms of adapting to heat, both indoors and outdoors, as well as dealing with increasing density combined with the need for relaxation. The brochure also demonstrates how building owners, residents and companies, as specific groups of stakeholders in urban society, can be activated to make a contribution to the preservation and improvement of urban green. The right activation formats can inspire and motivate so far passive actors, and at the same time also enable already active actors to get involved in further activities – often with a city-wide effect. 

The brochure also contains practical recommendations for activities linked with the design of public spaces and for activating specific groups of stakeholders in urban society.

Further brochures, factsheets and other publications and products of the "Green City of the Future" project can be found on the website of the Technical University of Munich here.

Download (PDF, 43,1 MB, German language)