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INNOCOPE guidelines. GELENA – Social Learning and Sustainability

The INNOCOPE (Innovating through Consumer-Integrated Product Development) method can be used to develop marketable products which both fulfil customer wishes as far as possible and also come close to the goal of sustainable development. This is achieved by combining a company’s technical expertise with the everyday practical experience of users.

With the INNOCOPE method, possible users are actively involved in the product development phase. They provide their experience from the everyday use of existing similar products in order to develop a better product which is tailored to their requirements. So that account can be taken of this experience in the most effective and efficient manner, the customers are integrated during the conceptual design phase. In addition to user-friendliness, the climate compatibility of the future product also plays a role in the INNOCOPE method.

Taking the example of the development of a bicycle, the INNOCOPE guidelines illusatrate how the INNOCOPE idea works in practice. They are thus aimed not only at scientists but also at protagonists in industry, serving as a practical tool for customer integration in product development.