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Integrierte Produktpolitik

Product-political issues have gained greater significance in environmental politics in recent times. The aim of Integrated Product Policy to stimulate product-related activities of various actors in an ecological way. This publication integrates product policy into different scientific disciplines and works out a four-step development model for implementation. The model is illustrated and empirically supported by means of product policies in five countries and the EC.Eleven requirements for an IPP concept are developed.

Particular importance is attached to market transformation by way of environmental innovation. The eleven requirements constitute the starting point for development of a German IPP concept; taking into account objectives, actor roles, principles, priorities as to content, and instruments.The work is empirically supported by means of two case studies in which co-operation between governments and other actors is sketched.It concludes with recommendations for cross-product-group IPP activities such as pilot projects as examples of co-operative product policy, and more than fifty measures set out in detail.

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