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Key technical findings and recommendations for prosumer communities

The project PROSEU aims to enable the mainstreaming of the renewable energy Prosumer phenomenon into the European Energy Union. From a technical point of view this implies various challenges including a shift of technologies from centralized production technologies towards prosumerism-technologies. 
This report on key technical findings and recommendations for prosumer communities is based on technical simulations of different types of individual prosumers and energy communities. Besides presenting conclusions and recommendations based on the technical findings of the project PROSEU, the report provides an overview of the key prosumer technologies and their technical, economical, ecological and social parameters as well as giving some best practice examples. Technical simulations show that there is a high potential for renewable energy prosumers in Europe. However, the adequate choice of renewable prosumer technologies depends on the individual prosumer community’s needs, demands and size as well as broader climate, regulatory and technical conditions. 
The report also provides some key recommendations on mainstreaming prosumer technologies: 

  • A balanced involvement of prosumers, municipal actors and market actors helps to implement prosumer projects and increase local acceptance. 
  • Digitalisation of the energy system and increased energy efficiency of buildings and technologies is needed to facilitate the decentralised prosumer concept. 
  • Market barriers and technical barriers need to be reduced in order to simplify grid integration of prosumers.