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Making digitalization sustainable and fit for the future Political Demands Bits & Bäume 2022

In 2022, thirteen organizations from the fields of environmental protection, digital policy, development policy and science organized the second Bits & Bäume (Bits and Trees) conference for digitalization and sustainability together with a committed community. Driven by the conviction that political changes are necessary to ensure that digitalization can contribute better to the urgent social and ecological transformation. United by an inclusive understanding of sustainability and the determination to shape a future in which digital transformation plays a positive role and supports and protects people, livelihoods and the environment. They call on the German government, the European Union and political actors worldwide to swiftly implement their 62 demands that were divided into the categories digitalization within planetary boundaries, global justice and regional empowerment, redistribution of technological power, democracy and participation, justice in digitalization, sustainable technology design and social issues, and protection of digital infrastructure and IT security. The demands were made with the awareness that they do not cover all the policy changes needed to shape a transformative and sustainable digitalization, so further measures must be developed together with civil society.