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MINT the Gap – Protecting the Environment as Motivaton for Technical Careers? An Inventory

This report summarizes the results of the research project “MINT the gap”. The project’s main objective was to identify whether or not particular interest in environment and environmental protection can be a motive and driver for young people and especially young women, to decide on a STEM-career or -profession. Within this report three primary topics are addressed: (1) current state of re-search on the factors stimulating and influencing career choices; (2) state-of-the-art findings on didactic implementation and success factors of current activities and programs in Germany promoting the academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM1) and (3) current network of German actors involved in designing, financing and conducting STEM-courses and -activities. The findings are based on a broad literature study and on an activity and stakeholder analysis. The related data allowed to name research gaps and were condensed to precise policy recommendations.

Download report [German language (PDF, 4 MB)]