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Nachhaltigkeit im Bedürfnisfeld Information & Kommunikation: Ergebnisse einer Expertenbefragung

The paper discusses results of an expert survey in the field of information and communication in Germany. We give an overview of the present debate on sustainable development and the implementation of sustainability goals and climate protection within this field. Moreover, we work out crucial factors and relevant actors influencing the implementation of sustainability. The field of information and communication stands for chances as well as for an important challenge towards sustainable development. In this respect, the ecological dimension is particularly important. On the one hand, information- and communication technologies offer great potential for systematical observations of damages to the environment. On the other hand, strong ecological impacts result from directly or indirectly from the production of information- and communication goods. The data presented here suggest that the success of climate protection in the field of information and communication is influenced by economical, political factors (Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), societal values (mobility and independence) and consumption trends. The most important actors within the field are political actors, businesses and consumers. However, it will be shown that these actors do not fully use their potentials to implement sustainability goals. Some suggestions to foster sustainable development in the field of information and communication will be developed.