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Nachhaltigkeitsstrategien. Sondierung neuerer Ansätze innovativer politischer Langfriststrategien und Ergebnisse einer empirischen Vertiefung im Handlungsfeld Mobilität und Verkehr

Sustainability strategies have to comply with a double task: The most pressing environmental problems are nowadays less, or only with time lags, visible. And to resolve these problems seems to require considerable changes within society. By the means of a literature survey, this study explores the problem-related potential of two new types of long-term oriented political ap-proaches (and their combination) to spur innovation. First, long-term strategies and planning ap-proaches starting from environmental goals. Second, strategies which start from (especially more radical) innovation processes and their dynamics in time. Problems concerning methodology and knowledge base as well as practical opportunities and obstacles for such strategies have been empirically explored in the field of mobility and transport. Main results are the structuring of a research field relevant for socio-ecological research and the identification of a couple of research questions which deserve further attention. The study concludes with a tentative application of the results to the draft German sustainability strategy which has been presented at the end of 2001.