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Relief for municipal vehicle fleets through local e-CarSharing

The information sheet is aimed at financially weak local communes that want to promote climate-friendly mobility locally despite tight budgets. The aim is to draw attention to the advantages of public e-CarSharing in a compact form and to provide practical advice on how to implement it. It will be shown that an e-CarSharing offer has positive effects on both the municipal budget and the climate. The municipal vehicle fleet is relieved, operating costs and CO2 emissions are reduced and the quality of life in the community is improved. If the municipality cooperates with local providers, it can increase the municipal added value with little effort. Best practice examples illustrate which municipalities have already successfully implemented this.

In addition, the information sheet provides financially weak municipalities with tips on financing and implementation and refers to guidelines with further information.


The fact sheet is one of a total of five fact sheets on selected climate protection measures. These are intended to give municipalities and municipal players impetus for climate-friendly action. Other information sheets deal with the activation of homeowners through renovation campaigns, the establishment of a climate protection management system, the leasing of municipal roof areas for photovoltaic systems and climate education in public spaces using the example of the smart solar bench.

Download the five fact sheets in German language (Zip-File)