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Revision of the Basic Criteria for the Ecolabels for “Heat Pumps” (RAL-UZ 118/121)

The overall project aims at the revision of existing criteria and at development of new criteria for the German ecolabel “Blue Angel” (“Der Blaue Engel”). The revision is based on a market research and accounts for advancements in the state of the scientific and technical knowledge as well as for changes in general requirements such as laws, provisions and international standardisation.
This sub-study report makes recommendations for the revision of the basic criteria for the ecolabels RAL-UZ 118 (“Energy-Efficient Heat Pumps using Absorption and Adsorption Technology or operating by use of Combustion Engine-Driven Compressors”) and RAL-UZ 121 (“Energy-Efficient Heat Pumps using an Electrically Powered Compressor”). Within this study, the TEWI approach (Total Equivalent Warming Impact) from RAL-UZ 121 was further developed and can now be used for all heat pumps as the main efficiency criterion accounting for the total impact on the greenhouse effect. Against this background, it is recommended to merge the RAL-UZ 118 and 121 to one set of criteria for all heat pumps and to extend the scope to devices up to 100 kW of rated power. In addition, differentiated TEWI limits for different heat pumps and other adjustments such as efficiency requirements for circulation pumps are proposed.
These recommendations serve as a scientific basis to revise the current ecolabel criteria. The revision is managed by the German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt, UBA) and will be completed in an official consultation involving the industry and other important stakeholders. The revised criteria will be presented to the supreme decision-making body of the ecolabel (Jury Umweltzeichen). After being enacted by this body, the new criteria will come into effect by 2012.