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Routine behaviour in leisure time mobility Results of a quantitative and qualitative survey

The publication presents the findings of a representative survey on behavioural routines in leisure time mobility. The survey among 1,000 people in the Kassel region was conducted as part of the research project “DYNAMIKON: dynamics of change and sustainable innovation – a study at the example of leisure time mobility”. The sample of the survey was spread over three different areas: the city of Kassel, the suburb of Kassel and a rural area near Kassel (Fritzlar, Homberg [Effze], Schwalmstadt). The evaluation of the survey data is twofold: On the one hand, data are analysed in a spatial dimension. On the other hand, they are assessed along a target group typology (based on a cluster analysis).The results are supplemented by the findings of preparatory explorative interviews on leisure time mobility that had been conducted with eleven people from Berlin.