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Urban Heat Shift Berlin A research project examines the sustainable heat supply in three transformation areas in Berlin

The article "Urban Heat Shift Berlin" was published in the journal Energie Impulse no. 01/2017 with the focus topic heat shift on federal and state level. Starting point for the article is the project "Urban Heat Shift" that is guided by the IÖW and conducted in cooperation with the Senate Department for Environment, Transport and Climate Protection, the Technical University of Berlin as well as the University of Bremen. To achieve the goal of climate neutrality long-term, Berlin is in need of the heat shift and a respective transformation process has to be launched. The article explains how the research project can support this process and the way it is structured. Particularly, the project includes the determination of future heat-scenarios for three areas of the city and different technical development options within the transformation areas are identified and evaluated together with decision makers and involved stakeholders.

Publication (in german)