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Value-added and employment effects by the expansion of renewable energies Study on behalf of Greenpeace Deutschland, Hamburg

On behalf of Greenpeace Deutschland, in this study the IÖW updated value added and empoyment effects by renewable energies for the year 2012. In addition to direct effects, for the first time this also included the calculation of indirect effects. To illustrate the potential for value added and employment by a further expansion of renewable energies in Germany in the future, two scenarios for the expansion of renewable energies until 2030 were considered. The scenarios were taken from a publication of the Federal Ministry of the Environment (BMU) in Germany on long-term scenarios for the deployment of renewable energies in Germany. The results of the study show, amongst other things, that two thirds of the direct value added go to the municipal level. Therefore, municipalities can benefit considerably from the use of renewable energies. The study was presented by Prof. Dr. Bernd Hirschl (IÖW) and Andre Böhling (Greenpeace) at a press conference on September 2nd, 2013 and received a broad media response.