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Vulnerability analysis and concept for adaptation to climate change in Berlin, Germany.

In December 2014, the senate administration for urban development and environment commissioned a „Concept for adaptation to climate change in Berlin“ (AFOK). The elaborated concept takes up the objective target of Berlin's Energiewende law (EWG Bln) which formulates the improvement of adaptability and preservation of funcionality of urban infrastructures as a commitment of Berlin's senate.The AFOK captures all areas affected by climate change.
Together with already existing planning tools, it provides a framework for an overall strategy for adaptation to climate change in Berlin. On the basis of global and regional climate scenarios, it describes climate changes which will affect Berlin.
Against this background, the report identifies vulnerabilities of natural, social and economic systems. Moreover, it shows strategic starting points and specific measure suggestions with the objective to encounter future challenges proactively and to mitigate damages as far as possible. 

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