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Projects on the topic "Sustainable Corporate Management"

  • Sustainable Publishing - New environmental standards for the publishing industry

    About 950 million books are produced each year in Germany. Books, magazines and newspapers today are manufactured in industrial processes causing large quantities of emissions, effluents and waste. At the same time the industry has an important [...] More

  • IÖW/future-Ranking of Sustainability Reports 2011

    The IÖW/future Ranking of Sustainability Reports regularly assesses the extra-financial reports of the 150 largest German companies on the one hand and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on the other. The basis of the assessment is a [...] More

  • Energy Efficiency and Employment

    Political targets aiming at mitigating climate change and increasing energy productivity will only be reached if companies significantly increase their energy efficiency. This can be based on efficient production processes or by bringing [...] More

  • Stakeholder Dialogues: Adaptation to Climate Change

    Six stakeholder dialogues are conducted that aim at discussing challenges resulting from climate change and possible adaptation strategies. The dialogues are organised on different topics such as coastal areas (May 2009), energy and utilities (June [...] More

  • Literature Review: Biomimetics in Economics and Business

    The project aims to investigate the current state of the art of biomimetic applications in economic sciences. Therefore, relevant literature will be reviewed and summed up. Suggestions for prospective biomimetic activities will also be developed with [...] More