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Journal "Ecological Economy"

Since 1986 IÖW has been publishing its own magazine, in co-operation with the Association for Ecological Economic Research (VÖW). Since 1996, it has appeared bi-monthly under the title of Ecological Economy, published by the ökom Publishing Company, Munich. Its goal is to strengthen scientific debate and to disseminate research results within the specialist public.

"Ecological Economy" presents the scientific foundations for a linkup between ecology and economy, describes the political and social framework conditions for sustainable management and discusses the resulting practical challenges for companies. This is the concept of "Ecological Economy" which is unique up to now: the journal confronts the most recent findings in the scientific discussion with the concrete experiences made in politics and industry. An exciting and, at the same time, important and productive encounter for all stakeholders. On you can find the Open-Access Portal of "Ecological Economy". There you have the opportunity to download over 1.000 scientific articles for your research - from 1986 until now. A sample subscription costing € 10.50 can also be obtained there.



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