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Projects on the topic "Water and Land Management"

  • Combating climate change and moorland management strategies

    In the debate about alternative strategies for combating climate change and the emission of climate-relevant gases, agricultural land use plays a significant role both as an emitter and with regard to potential avoidance [...] More

  • Conference „Land Use and Climate Change Mitigation Policies“

    The conference „land use and climate change mitigation policies“ discussed the mitigation potentials of agriculture, biomass for energy generation and peatland renaturation for carbon storage and the trade-offs and synergies [...] More

  • Futures and Visions: Forest 2100

    Systematic preparation for the world of tomorrow would appear the most logical course of action. Consequently, the project “Forest Futures 2100” wants to illuminate the horizon of expectable, possible and desirable future [...] More

  • Climate Impacts of Agriculture

    The agriculture in Germany accounts for a significant degree of greenhouse gas emissions. In climate protection strategies (i.e. the energy and climate programme of the federal government), the contribution of the agriculture [...] More

  • Dendrom - Future perspectives of wooden biomass (so called "dendromass")

    Currently a rapidly growing demand for biomass (largely due to energetic usage like electric power, heat and bio fuels but also material usage like wood materials and paper) is meeting a falling supply of adequate resources [...] More