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Methodology for Product Service System Innovation

Innovation is a continuous cycle in which ideas grow and become successful business concepts. PSS (Product-Service System) concepts bring in new dimensions to this cycle. The successes of PSS strategy underline the overall trend towards a more service-based society, increasingly built upon communication, knowledge and information.

Successful PSS innovation asks for a strategy that focuses on designing and selling an interconnected system of products and services. MEPSS (Methodology for PSS) helps you to think ‘outside the box’ and actively use visualisation, analysis and stakeholder management in your design process. The MEPSS phase model supports your decision making - bringing the right PSS ideas to commercialization. MEPSS helps you to develop successful PSS business concepts that can open up huge new market pportunities.

The MEPSS innovation methodology and tools assist your organisation in creating new product-service offerings. All innovative organisations - regardless of their size and market sector, can use the MEPSS methodology. Supporting your use of his handbook, we recommend consulting the MEPSS web tool that we built to assist you in PSS-development. You can access this tool freely at

MEPSS was supported by the European Commission under the FP5 GROWTH programme.