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RESPONDER "Multinational knowledge brokerage event in the area of Sustainable Food Consumption"


25. Januar 2012  -  27. Januar 2012
Food is a fundamental necessity of life. It is also one of the consumption areas with the greatest environmental impacts. The debates over sustainable food production and consumption, both in academia and politics, have spurred over the last decade. Growth policies in the food and agriculture sector pay attention to increasing productivity and providing enough food for an increasing population in a globalized world.

Nevertheless, progress has been uneven and growth has been unsustainable in some regions, leading to escalating pressures on ecosystems. Moreover, a range of consumer policy tools has been put in place to enable and encourage sustainable food consumption. Within this context, how can we solve the contradictions between economic growth in the food sector and the goal of sustainable food consumption? For instance, what are the impacts of different food consumption patterns on production factors, such as employment, animal welfare and natural resources? What are the societal risks associated with unhealthy diets that lead to growing obesity patterns? All these challenging topics set the stage for the first Knowledge Brokerage Event on Sustainable Food Consumption. Participants will come from different backgrounds: European, national and local policy makers, academics, economists, practitioners and exponents of civil society organizations.

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