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RESPONDER "Multinational knowledge brokerage event in the area of Sustainable Mobility"


21. März 2012  -  23. März 2012
The key European Union’ documents adopted in the 2011 are the Mobility White Paper and the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe. They call for a modern, resource efficient mobility system, serving both passengers and freight and which can contribute significantly to competitiveness and sustainability.

We chose mobility as one of the central policy issues as it contains complex interrelations between economic, ecological, and social systems. We have seen recently many adverse trends in the European transport: energy consumption by the transport is growing, so are the emissions. In the same time, the European Union plans from 2012 a 1% yearly reduction (on average) in transport GHG emissions. How to change from transport into sustainable mobility concept based on more energy efficient and cleaner modes? How to develop a modern infrastructure decreasing pressure on our environmental assets, protecting biodiversity and diminish demands for water and land?

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