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Vortrag A Leading Role in a Future Technology Market

Konferenz: 8th International Interpretive Policy Analysis Conference (IPA) 2013 “Societies in Conflict: Experts, Publics and Democracy”
03.07.13 - 05.07.13, Wien/Österreich

Much hope has been pinned on biofuels as they (re-)appeared on the political agenda in the 1990s. Until the mid-2000s, biofuels were widely recognized as being inherently sustainable, meaning that they were considered a viable and environmentally friendly, almost CO2-neutral alternative to fossil fuels, which in addition could secure energy supply and foster rural development in developed as well as in developing countries. This ‘win-win’ narrative has been central in arguing for the political promotion of biofuels. However, as many of these positive effects of using an increased amount of biofuels were more and more put into question, new ways of keeping alive the ‘win-win’ narrative on biofuels and thereby legitimizing its political promotion had to be found. In this paper, I argue that the narrative on the technological innovation spurred by politically promoting biofuels has played a central role in this regard.