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Vortrag Acceptance, Demand and Participation - Attitudes and Behaviour Patterns Concerning Renewable Energies of Citizens in Communities with the Goal of Renewable Energy Self-sufficiency

Workshop: Workshop on energy & society. Session: Sustainable energy systems and local communities
22.03.12, Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal)

Besides technical, economical and ecological aspects, local authorities of communities aiming at 100% RE self-sufficiency (RESS) ought to take social issues into account. To avoid conflicts and to generate ‘active’ acceptance, the attitudes and needs of the inhabitants as consumers and political actors should be considered. Based on literature and own explorative research, a draw of an explanatory model of RESS-relevant attitudes and behaviour was designed. To measure the passive as well as active acceptance regarding the expansion of RE, a telephone survey was conducted among a stratified random sample of 2128 citizens of four German communities. In the presentation selective findings of this survey will be presented, focusing on differences in regional contexts and different social groups.