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Vortrag Innovative Approaches to Strengthen Sustainable Consumption

Konferenz: "Joint Actions on Climate Change"
09.06.09, Aalborg (Dänemark)

ASCEE (“Assessing the potential of various instruments for sustainable consumption practices and greening of the market”) was a research specific support action for policy in the programme “Scientific Support to Policies” of the European Union’s 6th Framework Research Programme. Its scientific report (Rubik et al. 2009) has been published recently. The main research emphasis dealt with innovative instruments, approaches and practices to support sustainable consumption. Methods applied were i) semi-structured interviews based on an guideline with 79 experts from public administration, from non-governmental organisations, from academia and from business, ii) desk research (especially using internet, material provided by the interviewees, academic literature and databases), iii) nine exemplary case-studies, and iv) an expert workshop which took place in Brussels May 2008.

The presentation gives an overview about how to cluster innovative sustainable consumption instruments and design an properly policy with the aim to address climate change.