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Vortrag Non-Public Bulk Consumers as Drivers of Eco-Innovations and Demand Side Related Innovation Policy

Konferenz: 17th European Roundtable Sustainble Consumtion and Production ("The Europe We Want")
14.10.14 - 16.10.14, Portorož / Slowenien

Innovation policy is oriented towards the supply side. However, the demand side is an important driver of innovation, and this has received more attention in recent years.  The role and potential of public procurement (“Green Public Procurement”) has been especially highlighted in a couple of empirical examples and in literature. In this paper, we focus on the role of bulk consumers as drivers of eco-innovations.

We present the background of the paper and the applied research methods, work on hypotheses and the conceptual framework. A definition of bulk consumers is given and relevant markets in the German context clarified. Some empirical insights based on expert interviews, analyses of cases and three workshops are followed by potential policy strategies and some conclusions.