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Vortrag Rebound effects in non-residential public service buildings

Seminar: Berlin Seminar on Energy and Climate Policy
Veranstaltet von: DIW Berlin, Öko-Institut, PIK, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Wuppertal Institut, TU-Berlin, Ecologic
19.04.16 - 19.04.16, Berlin

The presentation gives insights into results of an exploratory study in which rebound effects of thermally retrofitted non-residential buildings were quantified. The project, financed by the BBSR, tries to fill the gap of rebound effect estimation for non-residential buildings that compared to residential buildings lack investigations until now. The project conducted four case studies to fill the gap. Results show that rebound effects are near to zero in the four buildings studied. Nevertheless, actual and theoretical consumption differ significantly in non-residential buildings. Furthermore, there are high potentials for reducing energy consumption by non-technical measures. Thus, further research is needed on rebound effects in non-residential buildings.